Architectural Photographer Johannesburg

With the trend towards social media becoming a part of our daily lives, imagery has become increasingly important. The pace at which we live allows us very little time to time to read all of the latest news and so, in general, we often skim through social media posts to remain up to date. It is for this reason that photography is so imperative.

Social Media

Gestalt realizes the weight social media holds in society and the impact it can have on your business.

It is for this reason that we offer tailor-made packages specifically created for your social media needs. These packages hold sufficient images for a full month of posting and can align with your marketing plan should you wish.

Social Media


We can produce a range of aesthetically pleasing images of your buildings, that will accurately represent your portfolio, its excellent architectural design and emphasize the story you are telling.

We understand that perception is critical in positioning your brand, we also understand the role images play in building perception! We are therefore able to provide you with a library of images that will best suit you and your business.


Interior & Design

Interior architecture is vital as it speaks directly to the target audiences wants and needs.

We aim to capture this as accurately as possible, highlighting finishes, lighting, ventilation, ergonomics, materials etc. that will appeal to the consumer and position the brand in the mind of the consumer.



Consecutive construction photography provides accountability and transparency throughout the project but more importantly, it represents progression. Progression illustrates growth and growth demonstrate life and liquidity.

It is for that reason that we understand the importance of capturing of your building during the construction phase, both for your target audience as well as an internal record of projects.



Corporate culture can influence nearly every area of your business including brand reputation.

It is vital that your staff feel part of a solid community, you can achieve this through capturing and sharing imagery of recent corporate events, team builds, etc


Aerial Photography

Aerial photography images remains a fascinating way to view your building from a different perspective. We offer aerial photographic images photographed from a  helicopter over 30 and 60-minute intervals. When planned correctly with us we can cover several properties within the hour minimizing the costs.

The level of detail achieved from the air with today’s digital cameras still outperforms images captured from entry-level drones with built-in cameras.