Edit and Processing

Explanation of Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is the photographing of buildings and similar structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of their subjects.

Architectural photography usually takes advantage of available light by the day, or at night it uses ambient light from adjacent street lights, landscape lights, exterior building lights, moonlight and even twilight present in the sky in all but the darkest situations.

In many cases, the landscaping surrounding a building is important to the overall composition of a photograph, and even necessary to communicate the aesthetic harmony of a building with its environment.

Line and Form

There are various ways to categorize form and shape. Form and shape can be thought of as either two-dimensional or three-dimensional. The two-dimensional form has width and height. It can also create the illusion of three-dimensional objects. The three-dimensional shape has depth as well as width and height.

Photographing of buildings and similar structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of their subjects.

Photographic Tools

Tilt and shift lenses have been used for architectural photography as they allow for the lens to be tilted or shifted relative to the film plane. This allows for control of perspective, line, and form. Depth and field are usually employed so that both the foreground and background (to infinity) are in sharp focus. We make use of various several Tilt and Shift lenses from 17mm, 24mm, 45mm, and 90mm to accurately represent the building.

Abstract Images

Abstract photography is the perfect way to showcase your buildings outstanding design,  unusual angles, lines, and shapes. It is also a phenomenal asset to designers when creating marketing collateral as it offers elements which can be used from a design perspective

Before and After

Enhance Detail

Edit and processing play a valuable part in creating great architectural images and we at Gestalt Photography believe in creating pleasing images that are realistic to the eye and are a true representation of the architectural structure. You can use the slider to see the before and after of an image edit.


Gateway West building, 3 images stitched together and edited.


Menlyn Main Pretoria, shadow and light abstract image.


Facing North, the new PWC Building at Mall of Africa


Allandale Building, East view.