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15th February 2017
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Novartis – Waterfall City

Novartis Head Office Waterfall City

 Novartis Head Office

Novartis a Swiss multinational and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, has built its South African Novartis Head Office in Waterfall City. Novartis is on the western side of the Mall of Africa, the largest single-phase mall in South Africa, along Magwa Crescent and is therefore considered to be part of Waterfall’s actual City. With easy access from the N1 highway and central location between Sandton and Pretoria, Novartis is in a prime location.

Long and modular in shape, 8300m² of size, strong lines and a glass facade, this building designed by the Aveitas Group is absolutely perfect to photograph. Stairs lead directly from the road into Novartis raising the building higher than the street front, increasing the grandeur of the building and complementing the green status of the building as it aids walk-ability. 

Gestalt Photography has aimed to depict the size of this company through the use of wide angle shots and the power of the brand by highlighting the strong lines of the architecture and the sheer size of the building